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WCS Cambodia


WCS Cambodia Saving Wild Places

WCS works in three landscapes in Cambodia, covering some of the most remote habitat in the country. From the evergreen forests of the Seima Forest and the dry forest of the Northern Plains, to the colonies of rate birds of the Tone Sap lake and floodplain, these sites offer the best chance for viable long-term conservation of wildlife. http://www.wcscambodia.org/saving-wild-places.html

WCS Cambodia Saving Wildlife

WCS is working to conserve key wildlife population across our project sites in Cambodia. Focusing on threatened mammal and bird species, WCS conservation scientists undertake research that contributes directly to the conservation of biodiversity in the country. http://www.wcscambodia.org/saving-wildlife.html

WCS Cambodia Conservation Challenges

WCS focuses on key conservation challenges that will play a key role in the future of biodiversity - climate change, the increasing harvest of natural resources by local comunities, and helping local people to improve their livelihoods. http://www.wcscambodia.org/conservation-challenges.html